Most of us have likely heard about systemic racism, but also likely, many of us might not understand what this means or what it looks like in action. It’s difficult to comprehend how social structures can be racist.

Jebeh and I have had many discussions about “checking a box,” a box that supposedly defines who you are and allows others to make assumptions about your background, education, socio-economic state, and health.

Dorothy Roberts shares a great example of how social groupings with “made up demarcations” have a profound impact on one of the most powerful and important systems in society – the health care system.

Grab a cup of coffee, find 15 quiet minutes and SEE the health care system through a new lens. Be open to understanding race not as a biological category, but a social category that has staggering biological consequences. Get a glimpse into how social determinants, not innate biological differences, influence health and access to health care.