I found this and said, “yes – that’s what Jebs and I are hoping to do.” Just talk about it, don’t hide from it. Mellody is an inspiration. Listen with an open heart!

It’s the daily things, the “small” conversations, the smile, glance or acknowledgment. The ability to say, “hey, I don’t think that’s right.” Or, “hey, what if I questioned that assumption?” Or, “hey, let’s learn a better way.”

I want to share a quick example. Jebeh and her kids joined my kids and I at the “club” pool this summer. When she walked in and tried to pay her guest fee, a server (meaning well, I’m sure) said, “that’s okay, nannies don’t have to pay.”

Jebeh came right over and shared with me – she was hurt, offended and frustrated. Rightfully so. We talked and let it mellow. Later that week another friend called to ask me about the “incident” because Jebeh had refused her invite to join them at the pool. This friend suggested we talk to the manager just to let him know.

This is what fuels my hope – the manager was amazingly receptive, apologetic and asked point blank how he could make it better. He had his own ideas about staff training, etc, but was thrilled when we suggested an apology sent directly to Jebeh.

And he did. He apologized. He told her how he was addressing staff training and asked her and her family to be his guests and enjoy a nice dinner at the pool. Simple. Human. Connection.

Feeling validated and heard. Feeling that people do care. Seeing that they want to be better and do better. Feeling that, seeing that, nurtures hope.