This week I was struggling. Struggling to find something to write about. It wasn’t for lack of topics or ability to find something I desired to share or repost. I just didn’t feel inspired. I didn’t experience that bug on my shoulder or voice in my head that said, “you have to write about this” or “you have to share that.”

This morning changed that. I was listening to our pastor speak about the purpose and meaning of communion. I’ve written frequently about lenses and how our individual experiences shape the lens through which we see the world. Shape the meaning of things, the truths that we experience and perceive. I still hold firm to this. But, sometimes we can get stuck here. In knowing what we know. In fighting for our beliefs and our truths.

This morning reminded me of a key part of our existence. It’s not religious in nature. It’s not about rules and rites and rituals. It’s about humanness. Our purpose and place in this crazy, often overwhelming world. It’s about COMMUNITY–the communal experience of life.

As I reflected on this idea I saw the importance of understanding our own truths, but also recognizing how those truths are influenced by and situated within a community of truths. How we cannot and should not live in this life as individuals firm in our beliefs, but as members of a community, willing to absorb others’ truths and see through a different lens. Willing to listen, learn, and adjust accordingly so we can be a little closer to those around us–as tough as this may be.

As Jebeh and I come together to share, to make sense of the things we see, the experiences we have and the challenges we face, we are living them as a communal experience. We are sharing them to help each other make sense of the world around us. We are sharing to be a part of the larger conversation, to start conversations. To move us all toward a more communal experience of the issues we raise. To create a space where truth (about race, diversity, multiculturalism, privilege) can be a shared experience with a shared meaning. In sharing we (all of us) move toward a more holistic experience of this life. One that is richer and fuller and focused on the value and strength of community.

So, thank you for being here, for being a part of the conversation, for sharing your ideas, for engaging with those around you. Keep building, keep engaging, keep listening, and keep adjusting. We will all benefit from the strength of the community we build.