When I was in grad school we spent a lot of time on critical theory. We learned how systems are built on power and that power influences how we see the world, what stories are told, who has access to money, opportunity, and land and subsequently wealth and privilege.

Honestly, it was overwhelming and depressing. For the first time I really saw my own privilege and blindness to systemic racism. I coped by passionately telling anyone who would listen. By calling my friends and family out for being benefactors of the “power system.” In my mind I was helping educate, in my husband’s I was offending and damaging relationships. I remember a heated argument in which he asked me to “cool it.”

If only I had the words of Glennon Melton, maybe people would have truly listened instead of being defensive and offended. She says everything I had been trying to say with such compassion, understanding, and conviction for the truth and the story of our culture. Please, read and share so we can all join the effort to “suck the poison out of the air.”

Momastery: Why I’m Prejudice and So Are You