Seven years after graduating from UMD our paths crossed back in Duluth, MN when dropping our boys at daycare. Our passion and connection as friends, educators, and mothers fueled a desire to talk…for real…with our community, our friends, our neighbors – about diversity, race, reality. So, let’s talk.

We want to talk…for real. About the hard stuff. About race. About discrimination. About cultural competency. About experiences. About love. About understanding. About hope. About disappointment. About friendship. About talking, for real, with your kids about respect, dignity, compassion and differences.

How do we raise a kid that holds another’s hand through pain, that stands up when he/she knows something is wrong, that truly feels in their heart that we are all equal, yet recognizes the importance and significance of differences? How do we make sure our kid isn’t the one on national news for singing a racist chant on a bus?

We are thrilled to have this space to share. To explore. To grow. To build. To learn. To teach.

Please share this challenge and journey with us.

Jebeh & Jen