If you’re reading this then you are already engaged. You care and are curious. You likely “want to do this right.” But, most of us don’t have a clue where or how to start talking to our kids about race and racism.

Do we start the conversation? Wait for them to make a comment or ask a question? Lean into that teaching moment at the grocery store? How do we know if we’re doing it right or inadvertently reinforcing negative stereotypes and unhealthy assumptions?

Yes, we can do it wrong. But we shouldn’t be fearful of trying. Engaging is a step toward breaking down the taboo of speaking about race and racism in our communities and recognizing its numerous manifestations. Engaging is a powerful statement that you won’t ignore it or let is reside in a place that “doesn’t effect you.” Engaging means you are willing to listen, learn, and grow along with your kids.

A few weeks ago I started digging through my teaching resources and searching for additional tools to share in this post. Ironically, that same day the link below popped up in my inbox. So, instead of recreating a list, I’m sharing Musing Mamma’s post. She has great insights and links to some key resources to get those race and racism conversations flowing with your kiddos in a healthy and productive way.

Engage away!

Talking To Kids About Race: Resources for Parents