A beautiful and well-spent Thanksgiving reminded me of the challenges of explaining privilege to my kids, of expressing gratitude, genuinely and with conviction. Sometimes I feel like a broken record reminding my kids to be thankful, to recognize their blessings, to realize their privileges. Truth is, I need just as many reminders during the daily grind as they do.

So, today, now, I’m pausing. I’m writing a few of them here – the privileges I wish I could see and appreciate in the moment. I’m grateful for:

Complaints about what I’m cooking…because it means I’m cooking

Whiny voices yelling “mom”…it means I’m able to help

Lost shoes when we are late for school…it means we have a pile of other shoes under which the desired pair is buried

Requests for “just one more story” at bedtime…it means I’m home to tuck my kids into their cozy beds

As you move through your daily grind may you take a moment to pause, to see the privilege in daily moments, to be thankful for the things that may irritate you the most. Likely, those things are true reflections of our privilege.