What I don’t worry about…

  • That my kids will fall behind  because of class size or lack of resources
  • That my kids will learn about sex and drugs too soon
  • That my kids will be exposed to violence or weapons at school
  • That my kids classmates have enough to eat each day

What I do worry about…

  • That my kids will think Escalades are “normal” modes of transportation
  • That my kids will see diversity as what type of physician, executive or business owner your parent is
  • That my kids will see the people they “help” seem to look different than them
  • That my kids will become oblivious to the privileges they live with every day

What gives me hope…

  • Our kids have so much compassion in their little hearts – favorite days are ones that involve service projects
  • I see our kids doing kind things every day – I see them encourage their classmates, hold a hand, or give an excited wave
  • They want to learn! About the world, people, places, cultures and religions that are different from them – yet are excited to recognize similarities

I promised myself I’d do my best to make sure my kids understand the world – all of it. The good, bad, ugly and how they can affect change through their privilege. I’ve noticed that this takes a LOT of effort. My children are not exposed to much diversity – in lifestyle, economic status, family type, etc. I will own that failing.

But, I do my best to acknowledge and speak of our privileges as such. To validate differences when we see them. To explain how our actions and choices can affect others. I hope, as we all likely do, that my kids will grow to be compassionate, giving, understanding and appreciative of what they have. And, that they will choose to use their gifts to honor others.