Things our kids have said…

“You’re black.”

“Mommy, why does her hair look like that?”

“Do you like your skin that color?”

“Why do daddy’s cheeks get red and mine don’t”

“What is that thing she’s wearing?”

“I don’t like my dark feet.”

After lotion, “Look, I have white skin like daddy.”

“I don’t like my curls.”

“I like my brown skin.”

“Is that your dad?”

Innocent – observations, questions, feelings. We want to honor each of these. We want to give permission to speak them, answer them, explore them. That’s why we are here. So we can grow, honestly and with compassion. Together.

Please take a few minutes to read our bios and “why we are here.” And, please share! What are some funny, crazy, embarrassing things your kids have said?